About Us

As GLEXIM, we offer many solutions used in electricity transmission, distribution and compensation systems to the market. We are the Turkey distributor of companies that have proven their quality in the world with nearly 15 years of experience in the electricity sector. The solutions we offer cover that switching, control, protection of circuits and products in the fields of energy quality and energy efficiency..

Our business area; covers the promotion of quality-related elements such as R&D, design, tests of the products or systems in question, and the corporate structure behind the brand in general, the fast delivery times of the products to the market, their supply and after-sales service.

The basic understanding of our company is to work within a system that will ensure long-term cooperation with customers, rather than focusing on short-term plans. From this perspective, maintaining an adequate stock level, providing quick feedback on technical requests, and producing quick solutions against technical problems that may ocur, are the elements of our support.

In summary, our target is to provide quality products at reasonable prices to the companies producing in the electricity sector with a good service. It can be stated that as GLEXIM Domestic and Foreign Trade, we have gained a permanent place as a good supplier in the market by moving forward in line with the main target. We aim to ensure that this positive image, which is gained by doing business in a certain line and within the framework of certain principles, continues by getting stronger.

Our Mission
The companies we support as suppliers; to offer products that meet both technical features and quality expectations and to resolve special requests or complaints with the support of our expert staff, to work in harmony with the institutions and companies we are in contact with with a sustainable business structure, to contribute to the country's economy by providing employment and keeping quality products at a reasonable price, The basic principles of our mission are to keep our entrepreneurial spirit constantly dynamic by taking important roles in the development of our operating regions with our existing and new products, and to contribute to the global developments in the sector by integrating sales and engineering activities.
Our Vision
As GLEXIM, we aim to grow together as a long-term solution partner based on a win-win philosophy, rather than just being a product supplier for our customers.
We aim to contribute positively to the change in the market with a dynamic structure, beyond producing solutions for the needs by following the dynamics in the electricity sector and evaluating the demands from the companies we are business partners with. Namely; We aim to contribute to the development of solutions in the market in terms of compatibility by following the products that change depending on the technological developments on a global scale. In this sense, our main goal is to be on the side that guides the change in customer demands, not following customer demands.
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